What if?

What if?


You made choices from a place of a potential for love, instead of a potential for hurt?


What could happen then?


Take a moment…


Your answer will be illuminating.



Send me an email and share your answers, A-HA’s and revelations, or simply check in and tell me how loveĀ is in your life. Because, it’s important and so are you. xo


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  1. Nigel Clayton

    There is no doubt it would affect ones choice to choose for love not the potential for hurt.
    The difficulty is evaluating the potential for hurt.

    1. Post
      Andrea Hill

      I invite you not to evaluate Nigel. Don’t look for the proverbial shoe to drop because through that act, your are inviting it into your experience. Not being hurt means there is an absence of love, avoiding it means avoiding love. They inhabit the same space, but which one gets to lead the experience is up to you.

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