Under Pressure

One of the greatest things that can cut us off from our potential for connection and love is something we do to ourselves. It’s not something that resides outside of us, its origins begin within and are completely self-imposed.

Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it. That we are the ones that are throwing up roadblocks to what we want?

The thing I refer to of course is pressure.

Pressure to impress, to achieve, to aquire.

Pressure to have a certain job, make a certain amount of money, be intelligent, well traveled, articulate, funny, attractive, fit, good in bed, well dressed, well spoken, charming, sexy, youthful, confident…


And so not helpful.

What I have come to realize of course, even on my own journey, is it’s the pressure that I put on myself, and even others, that cuts me off from having what I desire and most definitely keeps me from enjoying it.

This runs rampant in dating – the pressure to impress. Most are doing one of two things, going into the dating process either worried they won’t cut the mustard or putting so much pressure on their dates that the chance of possibility is severed.

Pressure undermines us – every. single. time.

So how do we stop ourselves from our self-imposed pressure cooker? We let go of the attachment to the desired outcome.

Not being attached to how it turns out immediately creates the space and freedom to be open to possibility, to see and hear things you would have missed under the pain and strain of pressure.

A release of attachment provides just that – release (aaaaahhhh, so good). It allows you to relax, to be authentically you. It also heightens your ability to be aware, present, and tapped into your experience.
These are all gateways to enjoyment and the ability to make decisions from a place of clarity instead of ‘must make this work’.

Letting go of attachment also invites you to be flexible, open, receptive…  and that’s when the really amazing things can happen.

Over the years I have seen relationships occur between two people, that never would have before because each person had been putting the undue pressure on themselves to be a certain way in order to be loved.

I’ve seen women get pregnant shortly after releasing the pressure on themselves that they must get pregnant NOW.

I’ve seen people meet the love of their lives when they finally gave up the ghost of a relationship or their partner having to fit a particular vision or set of standards.

It’s amazing what can happen when you let go and decide to take the pressure off. Instead why not simply date from a place of being open to what love may have to offer and show up in a way that supports it – pressure free.


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