Love Notes . . .

Dinner Party is the most fun a single professional can have in the dating world of Vancouver! I have never experienced the combo of doing an activity, chatting with people that I would have never met otherwise and great food and wine! A great group all there to expand their network, themselves and possibly have a connection with someone. No pressure and a great time!Member
The Dinner Party is putting the humanity back into dating.John Finlay
Finding love is a journey, with many twists and turns. But one thing is true no matter what you try….. there’s nothing like “great food”, “great conversation” and “great chemistry”. Through The Dinner Party, Andrea has found a way to curate a table of extraordinary people, coming together to share some amazing food, and engage in an evening of fascinating conversation! All with the added bonus that everyone is single and looking for that someone special.

So, if you love food, great conversation, and are ready for that special someone to enter your life (with a little help from Andrea), then “join the dinner party” today! I’d 100% recommend it!Alex Read

In the world of Bumble and Tinder… we need more companies such as yours to humanize dating.Ryan
Andrea has made it her mission to facilitate dinner parties to bring interesting single people together that might otherwise not likely meet. She’s great at it! The guests are fantastic and the venues superb. It’s a refreshing option in today’s dating environment.Wes Klassen
Andrea, you do an amazing job of organizing and hosting the evening. You can see your heart goes into what you do. Thank you!Andrea Horvath
Having attended The Dinner Party on a few occasions I experienced this refreshing approach to creating a connection with new people and making the typically awkward first date enjoyable and delicious. Andrea truly helped me evolve outside my comfort zone and I’m grateful. xoxoMarisa Newton
I wanted more than an algorithm to guide me through my love life. With Andrea Hill I was understood, talked to and found in her a friend that would not just look for good on paper, but a partner in crime, someone with whom I could share life’s road.Tiarnach Mooney
What a brilliant idea!Joan Lester
The Dinner Party is the perfect way to date.Doug Meynard
Andrea Hill takes her dating know-how to the streets and engages people in real-time to offer an experience like no other with The Dinner Party. No awkward feelings, just a great night out for a special meal with the experience being taken to the next level by engaging with people who have been hand-picked just for you.Leanne Allen
If you get the opportunity to join Andrea at one of her dinner parties, I highly recommend that you go, and be prepared to meet some really great people.James Webster
Andrea has dedicated herself to helping people date better. The concept of dating at The Dinner Party is refreshing, but…anyone could have come up with this concept. We, and I, am lucky that Andrea Hill is the one that did. Her email signature states that she is a facilitator and mentor, and although this is true she is more than this. She is invested in each of her members and is devoted to people finding happiness. Andrea is truly a gift to Vancouver’s dating singles.Mandy Sarfi
My first dinner party did not disappoint. Andrea did a great job of bringing together a dynamic group of like-minded individuals. The conversation was lively and the food was fantastic. Well worth it! Thanks Andrea!Joan Probert