Only You Can Make It True

You Can Only Make It Truth

Limiting beliefs are lies that only you can make true.

Ask yourself what your beliefs are surrounding dating.

Then, really honestly answer, and consider this – a belief is only a thought that you have thought, over, and over again, until you believe it to be truth.

Frustrated in your romantic life?

So, why not create a new truth?

Your limiting beliefs influence you to make choices to substantiate those limiting beliefs you may have, so it is equally true for self-honoring beliefs.

Let’s test that theory shall we? What’s one thing that you believe to be true about yourself that is really positive? That you know, without a doubt, to be true? If anyone was to question it, you would tell them to go fly a kite.

It’s only your opinion that counts, and when you believe it, others will too. They not only will believe it, they will be attracted to it.

Just take a minute and let that sink in. What you believe attracts others that believe the same, AND you seek those individuals out to substantiate your belief as truth.

*mic drop

So, if you have a limiting belief that diminishes you and/or your romantic life – guess what? Da- da-daaaaa! You’ve been attracting and picking people, and experiences that don’t think you’re so great either.

These beliefs have created your reality and opinion about yourself to date, so why not now intentionally, consciously, create the reality you desire and deserve instead.

Understanding, believing, and embracing that you deserve it, is, the most important thing of all.


There is a root to all and any limiting beliefs, they didn’t appear out of thin air, and until you are actually aware of them, they can leave you hobbled in your romantic life. If you are ready to let them go, once and for all, and do the deep dive into revealing the beauty of what lies beneath – finding liberation on the other side, you can begin this journey with the Create Your Love Story program this October 18th, 2017. Learn more here.

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*photo cred ~ Andrea Vaghi


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