How to thrive during the holidays when you’re single

“Single bells, single bells, it’s Christmas time in the city…”

If you own a TV you might have noticed recently that online dating advertisements have grown at an alarming rate. And by recently, I mean around the holiday season. This isn’t happenstance, this is calculated. It’s like they are heralding in the punctuation mark of any single person’s,  ‘I AM ALONE’ feeling that can come with this time of year, and their express desire is to capitalize on it.

The holiday season can be challenging for many that are single, and as a result a poor me attitude can raise its ugly head when we hear Santa Claus is coming to town, but what if we could take loving action to make the season merry and bright? This is why I wanted to empower you dear singleton with some inspirational food for thought to keep your love fires burning, instead of them burning out.

Here are some sound and sage ways to thrive instead of survive the holiday season as a single person…

1. First things’ first – mindset. If you think being single is shitty, guess what, that’s exactly the experience you will have – shitty. And who wants a shitty Christmas?

Ebenezer Scrooge wasn’t known for his magnetic personality if you know what I’m saying.

So if you want more fa la la la in your life, drop the negativity. Flip the script on that old tale, and instead, I invite you to look at this time of year as wonderful series of opportunities. In my humble opinion, the holidays are about connection and celebration, two awesome outlets for meeting someone new, or just having a great time flying solo. Hellllloooo Christmas parties!

2. Don’t have a significant other to buy a thoughtful gift for? Then why not buy one for yourself! Here’s the catch, buy one that you would want your ideal partner to get for you. Not only is this a fantastic exercise in nurturing your relationship with yourself (your most important relationship by the way), but it also invites you to think about what you would want your great partner to gift you with, and why.

Let your imagination run wild, enjoy daydreaming what that would look and feel like?

What would you get them?

What would the love exchange be?

Imagining your ideal relationship is a powerful exercise, especially if you tap into it with the energy of creation and possibility, and not lack.

Remember what I said about mindset…

3. Get out and be merry! Do not stay at home feeling sorry for yourself, instead get out and get engaged. Spend time with people and going to events that fill you up.

4. Begin a practice of gratitude. Instead of focussing on what you don’t have, put your energy into what you do. It’s a fabulous energy shifter.

5. Volunteer. The holidays can be a tough time of year for many, and for bigger reasons than being single, so why not use your time to give to others. It’s another great way to fill your love cup.

I could seriously go on and on, but I’ll cap my list at 5. However, I invite you to weigh in and share your favourite ways to enjoy the holiday as a singleton in the comments below. You know, spread some love around – tis the season!


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