Your Desire For Love Isn’t Weakness, It’s Wisdom.

There’s this weird societal idea  that if you desire love, or are looking for it, that somehow makes you… weak… needy… or even desperate.

I see it often in how people view dating, like it’s a necessary evil… ‘Don’t tell people how we met (online) because, you know – that’s embrassing.

If you use the service of a matchmaker, a dating service (hello!), or are trying your hand at finding a meaningful connection through the newest dating app – in some way, that’s just plain shameful.

What utter bullshit.

We ALL deserve love, and it just breaks my heart that some people feel the need to hide that desire, or their efforts.

It’s why we’re here for heaven’s sake, to connect, share our lives, deepen and enrich ourselves and our experiences by sharing it with another – in love.

That’s not weakness, it’s wisdom… and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

And the wisdom in that wisdom? When you surrender to it, that’s right about the time that love shows up.


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