Dating Pause, how to stay on love’s path.

A Dating Pause: action – A moment taken before making a decision while dating, to see if your choice is in alignment with your relationship goals, and your self worth.

Example ~ Janet took a dating pause before accepting to go on a date with Jack, and in doing so, realized that he only calls her last minute to make plans. 

By Janet taking the time to check-in with herself, and step outside of the experience, reflecting upon it objectively, allows her to see that, no, no matter how attracted she is to Jack, that going on a date with him is not in aligment with what she wants. She only wants to invest time, and emotional energy on someone who respects her time, and makes her a priority.

Therefore, Jack, is a no-go.

Taking a dating pause, not only allows you the space and grace to consciously make good decisions for you, but also saves you from feelings of resentment, frustration, hurt and wasting precious time. It keeps you standing firmly in your own power, by you taking responsibility for your romantic choices, and not relinquishing them to someone else, or running on subconscious auto-pilot.

No victims here.

It is simply the difference between what you allow and what you don’t, and taking a dating pause allows you to stay present and in charge of your experience, so you can tell the difference.

So, are you taking thoughtful ‘dating pauses’ in your romantic life?

Because when you do take these moments to consciously make decisions from a place that honors you, and what you desire, your love life will begin to reflect those self-honoring choices, with love.


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