Are you drinking your own poison?

Have you ever heard that saying? Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

‘We drink the poison our minds pour for us and wonder why we get so sick.’ ~ Atticus

Pain has never been a good vintage.

When we hang onto old relationship hurts, hold grudges, tell the same old story, lay blame, play victim… we are drinking the dark stuff -and that shit will make you sick.

Full on admission – I used to be a grudge holder.

Like, a REALLY bad one.

I’d hang onto hurt, and anger like it was a life raft. I was a mental voodoo wielding, high horse riding, self-righteous gal.

Forgiveness? That was for sissies.

Why would I forgive someone who had hurt me, or in my eyes, done me wrong?

I was judge, jury, and jailer and thought it served me well.

Boy, was I wrong.

The only person I was punishing was me. My anger kept me isolated, unhappy, and disconnected – and not just from others, but also myself.

Resentment, anger, judgment… they’re heavy burdens to bear. They keep you stuck in pain and fear and keep your love life on unhappy repeat.

Resentment and judgment take practice, forgiveness only needs to be performed once.

Forgiveness, I came to discover, was my get out of jail free card. It’s liberation for your heart and mind, your key to freedom, and big ole welcome mat to love and connection.

When you can finally let go of all that ‘stuff’ you’ve been packing around, you can then have your heart and soul free to give and receive love. Unburdened, your vision clears, you become lighter and feel more deeply.

Take some personal inventory, make a conscious decision as to what you want to be filling your cup with, and then drink up.


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