A State Of Wonder.

I know nothing.

What if you entered into each new experience with someone, with this thought in mind?

Just think of the possibilities.

Your ego might be raising its ugly head right about now attempting to fill your head with fear induced chatter. Tell it politely to shut up and sit down.

Now, it’s no newsflash that our past is often trying to mess with our future. Judgement and fear reign in dating and romantic realms, so what if you could take the pressure off by just adopting the attitude that you don’t know anything?

Because technically, you don’t.

Each new person and experience will always be different, however, if we are looking for the negatives, we will find them by either creating them or attracting them. It’s our subconscious way of proving ourselves right.

SO not helpful.

As a delightful alternative, adopting an attitude of openness is a big delightful permission slip to enter each experience and meet each person with a sense of wonder, instead of waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. It allows you to mine for gold, see possibility and provides the space and mental clarity to see people for who they are and not through a muddied lens of who you’ve been with.

It’s a new practice that will take practice. Think of it as you cultivating your curiosity. Freeing yourself from the limitations of what has happened with the possibility of what may be.

Isn’t that wonderful?


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